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Philadelphia Video Depositions Courtroom Playback

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Philadelphia based LAWYERS’ VIDEO SERVICE is a professional audio / visual production company, experienced in the law and television production.

From on-location digital videotaping to presentations at trial, our technical staff provides the practicing attorney an efficient, economical means of using video communications in litigation.

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Philadelphia Video Depositions Courtroom Playback

Michael J. Tabas, Esq., dedicates this website to everyone interested in fostering effective, and admissible legal communications.

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Ten Commandments of Legal Video

  Videotape depositions were first shown in court 50 years ago. Modern jurors expect to be informed with visual evidence, including day-in-the-life documentaries. Legal video, often more powerful than words alone, can backfire. Avoid pitfalls with these strategies of biblical … [Read More...]

Legal Video Wills?

Is it legal to record your last Will and Testament on video?  To be enforceable, Wills must be in writing and preferably signed in front of at least two witnesses.  A video alone, without a properly executed document, is rarely allowed.  However, there are still appropriate legal reasons to video a … [Read More...]

Video Drones for Legal Evidence?

If you awaken with a drone at your bedroom window, what should you do, call the police, call a lawyer, or just pull down the shade? In a recent criminal case, a video drone enabled police in South Dakota to find and arrest cattle rustlers. The surveillance occurred without a search warrant since … [Read More...]

Sleeping Jurors at Video Depositions?

Jurors fall asleep every day in U.S. courts.  In the federal perjury trial of baseball pitcher Roger Clemens’ steroid usage, two jurors were dismissed for falling asleep. The judge scolded the prosecutors and the defense lawyers for asking too many unnecessary questions and boring the jury.  Imagine … [Read More...]