Day in The Life Documentaries

A Day in the Life Documentary is the best way to portray to the judge and jury, and insurance company, the plaintiff’s serious injuries and their effect on routine activities of daily living.  It can depict one activity, or selected ones from a typical day, and may be videotaped periodically throughout the course of treatment and recovery.

These videos educate by clearly showing how a plaintiff performs functions and tasks that are not easily described in words, as well as how such routine activities are undertaken differently from able-bodied people.

In order to foster admissibility and maximize trial strategy, proper preparation and planning are essential. Factors such as getting permission, preserving client/attorney relationships, showing normal and natural behavior by the plaintiff in front of the camera, and coordinating all persons, places and the related activities, all help ensure a successful video production of this type of evidence.

LVS is involved in every one of the above aspects of producing a Day in the Life Documentary, in addition to the technical areas of sound, lighting and camerawork. Using a ‘crew of one’ preserves a low key environment, capturing each scene as it occurs, and knowing how much time is needed to portray each activity concisely, truthfully, accurately and most effectively. We have videotaped thousands of Day in the Life Documentaries over the past 35 years, and understand the lawyers’ needs for quality and economy.

Demonstrative Evidence

Demonstrative Evidence for litigation can be more powerful and persuasive than words alone.

From photographs and videos of machinery, property and vehicles to Day in the Life documentaries and surveillance to digital animations and reconstructions, almost every civil case tried today employs at least one form of visual evidence. Attorneys constantly balance admissibility and strategy in an effort to avoid unintended conclusions when seen in court.

Lawyers Video Service has been producing and presenting in court, demonstrative evidence such as documentation of construction projects, property conditions, inventories, and products testing, all on-location, for lawyers, since 1979. We understand the importance of reliability, competence, professionalism, and of course, admissibility and strategy. Available anytime, anywhere, we meet all your penitentiary needs quickly and economically.

Your professionalism and service is always of excellent quality, and that is why I continue to utilize your services throughout the years. 

Alan Schwartz, Esq.
Anapol Schwartz, PC
Philadelphia, Pa

Thank you for dropping everything and traveling to Frankford Hospital on such short notice to obtain videotaped footage of my client.

Nancy H. Fullam, Esq.
Beasley, Casey, Colleran and Kline.
Philadelphia, Pa.

I have always been impressed by your helpful comments concerning the admissibility and strategic value of certain subject were right on the mark.

Arthur Alan Wolk, Esq.
The Wolk Law Firm
Philadelphia, Pa.