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                Catastrophic Injury

Getting seven figures for a catastrophic injury does not necessarily mean you got the full value of all damages claimed. Humanize the plaintiffs’ injuries, and emphasize their severity by portraying activities of daily living in ways words never will. A professionally produced Day in the Life video documentary increases the monetary value of the case, and informs the opposition as to what awaits at trial. And best of all, the video pays for itself.

Expertly produced Day in the Life Documentaries are extremely powerful. Legally, the video must be true and accurate. The defense, fearing exposure to a large verdict, may vigorously attack admissibility by objecting to the video on grounds of irrelevance, repetition, hearsay, and its prejudicial effect outweighing its probative value.

Pre-production planning is essential to obviate any objections while producing concise, informative, and thorough evidence. Acquire advance permission from all participants in the video, know what and what not to record, remove distractions from the scene, and put those present at ease. Capture each activity as it normally occurs, without interfering with the daily routine, or stamina of the plaintiff. Portray loving care, balancing it with functional difficulties, frustration and tedium, all at a succinct pace that holds the audience’s attention.

Each opportunity to present the Day in the Life video is unique. Whether playing it for opposition counsel, Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings, or a jury, treat it like opening night at the theater. Before starting the playback, explain to the audience which specific activities and apparatus will be seen, and why. Then play it all the way through, uninterrupted, with no distractions.

Acquire the services of an expert documentary videographer with experience in litigation who knows how to show the severity and pain of the injuries, as well as their impact on a catastrophically injured person’s life, and who will preserve the attorney-client relationship, while balancing the technical, legal and strategic aspects of this type of evidence.

We have produced many thousands of Day in the Life Documentaries for settlement, and for use at trial.  We fully understand attorneys’ needs for quality, economy and confidentiality.  Maximize the value of the case with a Day in the Life video, and you won’t leave any damages money on the table!

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