Settlement Documentaries

Achieving the Best Results for Catastrophic Injury Cases

Settlement Video

Benefits of LVS Settlement Documentaries

  • Avoid time and expense of trial & appeal
  • 35+ years of Legal & Video Production experience
  • Lawyer with expertise in admissibility and strategy

Imagine “60 Minutes” doing a story about a personal injury lawsuit. Wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to show it to opposition council, the insurance company, and the judge?

It would have a theme, and would contain interviews humanizing the “before and after” of a plaintiff’s life, show incriminating documents, and display photos and videos.

Presented in documentary style, it would be educational, informative, and of course, concise and professionally produced.

The plaintiff’s attorney could also use it before trial, to summarize the case to trusted colleagues, experts, focus groups, and even to arbitrators or a mediator in an alternative dispute resolution procedure.

Settlement Video

Most effectively used to portray injuries, and to emphasize the outrage of punitive damages, it can also simplify complex issues. It emphasizes, quite persuasively, the defendant’s exposure to a large verdict.

There is no better way to work up, develop a theme for, and present a complex catastrophic injury case, before trial, clearly and succinctly, than by making a settlement video.

The settlement of the case and the saving of litigation costs clearly justify the economic decision to produce the video.

Knowledge of the law and trial advocacy, coupled with the skills of broadcast journalism, is required to produce an effective settlement video. In addition to the technical areas of video, sound, and lighting, we write scripts, conduct interviews and take responsibility for the entire production, from story boarding through final editing.

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