Will Execution Video

Imagine a wealthy, older gentleman has a younger female companion who assists him with his day-to-day living, and after a number of years they get married. When he writes his last will and testament, under these circumstances, his attorney could produce a video of the execution of that written will.

At that signing ceremony, on video, the testator explains his intentions, and gives reasons and personal examples for his bequests. When he dies, and his new wife inherits everything, his children may contest the will. However, when the children notify the testator’s attorney about the contest, he plays the will execution video for them. End of story! (The dearth of case law on this type of evidence is probably due, in part, to its power as a deterrent to a will contest in court.)

Since 1979, Lawyers’ Video Service has been producing video will executions, for various testamentary reasons, taking special care to foster admissibility in the production process. We gladly share this long-time experience with our clients by suggesting interview topics, creating a true and accurate video recording environment and procedure, and properly archiving the original.

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